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Maike Geller Fleurdoodles Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala name is Maike Geller and I am an artist from Essen, Germany.


I live with my husband Kim and our two children in a characteristic half-timbered house from 12th century surrounded by beautiful nature.


My enthusiasm for drawing already began in childhood. After the Abitur and during my career training this passion increased for art.

With our two children Benni (born in 2013) and Emily (born in 2015) a lifetime wish has come true for Kim and me. The free drawing was for me more and more a wonderful balance to everyday life and takes now besides my family a great place in my life.


For some time past, I draw playful, dreamy, and romantic motifs for coloring with my heartfelt devotion. Wonderful blossoms in all different kinds of shapes and sizes as well as mystical ideas play an important role.

In June, 2015 my Etsy online shop "Fleurdoodles" started with hand-drawn coloring pages.

Two months later my first adult coloring book appeared in the USA.
On the 7th of March, 2016 my second coloring book "Urlaubsglück & Sonnenschein"

("Holiday Happiness & Sunshine") followed. This was published in Germany and was sold over 10.000 times.


Free drawing creates a peace of my mind and, even, emotional balance and fortitude. I am totally convinced that this will transfer onto everyone who will color any of my designs.


Meanwhile, 'Fleurdoodles' is know not only for loving coloring motifs, but also for high quality fine art.


The photorealistic art fascinated me since I came in contact with it for the first time.

Completely overwhelmed, I considered a drawing that was indistinguishable from a photograph.


My goal is to draw so detailed that the difference to a photo is not visible.

To achieve this goal, I worked disciplined and ambitious on my artworks.


The early morning before my children wake upis my time to work.


I do not just want to copy a photo with pencils, but rather capture the beauty of nature and incorporate my own style of art.

Each of my original artwork is unique. 

The photorealistic art requires a lot of patience. So I often draw more than 20 hours on a portrait.

In order not to get lost in details, I like to reach for watercolors and brushes.

Loose and modern painting are created here.


Wheter watercolor painting or portrait drawing, perfection and professionalism is very important for me and my clients.

It is a unique feeling of happiness to hold my own original artwork in hands and thus achieve the ambitious goal I set myself.


Have I made you curious? Visit my gallery of art.



Every day I am overwhelmed by the beauty of.

So, the nature that surroundes me is my greatest source of inspiration.


Once I have a new inspiration, I immediately have to grab my pens in order to put down my basic idea.


However, this is not easy with two young children, but, my husband Kim supports me in every respect, which I am very thankful for.

Favorite Place

Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala

While working at my drawing table, I can completely forget about the stress of everyday life.

Time is flying when I draw and paint.

My Helpers

Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala

My mother supports me with beautifully colored pictures which I uploaded on my Instagram and Facebook account.

My father provides his huge technical knowledge and assists me in digitizing artworks and motifs.


I grew up with different pets and appreciate the exposure to animals.


Therefore, I am a convinced vegetarian. 


My mare accompanies me now already for 20 years and lives appropriate to the species in a loose barn.


I am proud to be a STABILO Artist.

That means ever and anon STABILO International GmbH provides products for my art free of charge. I am not being paid by STABILO International GmbH and I am not obliged to use only there products.

All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by STABILO International GmbH in any way.

Honesty and transparency is important for me.

Thank you for your interest. Here you enter the shop.

Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala
Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala
Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala
Ausmalen für Erwachsene Malbücher Malvorlagen Ausmalbilder Mandala